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Babies & Children

Osteopath For Babies“Pamela has treated both my children since they were 2 weeks old.  My son was born with a dislocated hip and needed an operation at 6 months.  Pamela’s treatments were invaluable in his recovery and in teaching him how to use his hip and relating muscles after he had been in a plaster
and brace for 6 months.”

Alexandra B.

     “Pamela treated both my new born babies. I feel sure she helped them settle down and helped them to be more content babies.”

Sara S.

     “Her warmth and skill base have been of great support to my 10 year old son to realign him and help him with his chronic stomach condition.”

Floss K

Pre and Post-Natal Care

     “Pamela treated me when I was 9 months pregnant. My baby hadn’t engaged yet and the doctors were convinced I was going to be 2 weeks overdue. Using a combination of acupuncture and cranial osteopathy, Pamela worked on me and I went into labour on my due date!

She then treated me after the birth, helping to shift the uterus back into place and reducing the risk of post natal depression. Since then she has treated me for a variety of ‘new mother concerns’ including hormonal imbalances, back pain, exhaustion and digestive issues. Pamela treated my son after he was born. He had a low appetite and very bad wind, both of which led to him sleeping poorly and crying often.  She used gentle cranial osteopathy to get his system working properly and he now sleeps and eats like a dream.

Thanks to Pamela’s extensive knowledge, gentle manner and variety of treatments, both mother and baby are doing very well. I would highly recommend her to anyone, in particular babies and new mothers.”

Tania S.

      “Pamela has treated me through and in between 3 pregnancies. She has both incredible knowledge and expertise and her treatments are wonderfully calming –  you can feel yourself being restored back to equilibrium –  body, mind and spirit!”

Alexandra B.

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