The First Treatment

What happens during the first treatment?

Treatment Room 2The first consultation (approximately 60 minutes) will involve taking a thorough case history, beginning with the symptoms you are suffering from, when they began and how they are impacting your life.

This will be followed by questions about your general health, past operations/hospitalizations and dental treatment (especially extractions and orthodontic work).

It is also important to get a picture of the stresses in your life, be they physical, mental or emotional.

Next you will have an osteopathic and orthopaedic examination. On the first visit this will involve undressing to your underwear for a standing examination of your posture.

You may be asked to perform gentle movements of the spine and relevant joints in order to assess their biomechanical function. This may be followed by relevant clinical tests, such as taking blood pressure or reflexes.

Then you will lie down on the treatment couch, where I will gently assess the general health of your tissues and ascertain strain patterns.

Treatment Room 2Based on this information, a diagnosis will be arrived at and discussed. This will be followed by development of a treatment plan which will take into account the circumstances of each patient on an individual basis.

The diagnosis, prognosis and explanation of the treatment will be discussed with you at each level.

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