Back, Neck & Joint Pain

Osteopathic Treatment For Back PainWhilst osteopaths are most known for looking after backs, we are trained to treat every joint in the body, and we evaluate the structure and function of the body holistically.

Once the presenting symptoms causing discomfort have been addressed it is important to discover and address the underlying cause of the dysfunction, and the maintaining and predisposing factors.  So a stiff neck may be related to a leg length discrepancy, or a headache to constipation.  If a joint is misaligned and dysfunctional, it will in due course have an effect of the body as a whole.

      “Pamela has treated my numerous and variable back ailments over a number of years.  Every time, she has applied her conscientious and sensitive attention to the problem. There is no one way of doing something for Pam:  she listens to you and your body, and treats accordingly. Sometimes, this has required acupuncture, at other times quite strong articulations, at other times the subtlety of cranial work. She works with the intuition of an artist and the knowledge of a disciplined and wide-ranging clinician.”
Katri S.

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