Pregnant & Post-Partum Mothers

Osteopathic Treatment For Pregnant MothersOsteopathy can be very helpful during pregnancy to help your body cope with the strains put on your back and other joints due to shifting posture, centre of gravity, and lax ligaments.

In addition the growing foetus puts pressure on the diaphragm, abdominal and pelvic organs, which compromises venous supply and lymphatic drainage.

So women, many of whom, want to enjoy this happy event in their life, find themselves suffering from lowback pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction, sciatic nerve irritation, rib dysfunction, hearburn, breathlessness, constipation, hemorrhoids, incontinence and prolapse.

Osteopathic treatment can also help the pelvis prepare for birth, and regain structural balance following it.

     “Pamela treated me throughout both my pregnancies for lower back pain. She was fantastic in helping me relax and really helped me get through my pregnancy. Pamela also treated both my new born babies. I feel sure she helped them settle down and helped them to be more content babies. I continue to be treated by Pamela as she is vital in managing my back problems and it is a wonderful way to relax when you have two small children.”

Sara S.

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