Back And Joint Pain

Osteopathy for Backache     ‘Thanks Pamela!  After your treatment I felt immediate relief from the pain I was suffering in my lower back. Your explanation of what was causing the problem and your advice on how best to stretch and move really helped me to not only get through that long flight to Australia and back, but also I believe has helped set me on the right path to recovery. I am sincerely grateful!”

Greg H.

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Babies, Children & Mothers

     Pregnant Mothers“Pamela treated me when I was 9 months pregnant. My baby hadn’t engaged yet and the doctors were convinced I was going to be 2 weeks overdue. Using a combination of acupuncture and cranial osteopathy, Pamela worked on me and I went into labour on my due date!  She then treated me after the birth, helping to shift  the uterus back into place and reducing the risk of post natal depression. Since then she has treated me  for a variety of ‘new mother concerns’…

Tania S.

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TMJ Dysfunction

     “Visits to Pam are a tonic. She gently resolves problems of tension or stiffness in the muscles and help to straighten me out. She has also helped my daughter after her orthodontic appointments.”

Tanya W

     “Pamela treated me after a serious lower jaw operation. I have no doubt that she helped me regain the sensation and use of my jaw and chin and aided my post-operative recovery. She is an absolute angel!”

Aly B.

Headache and Migraine

     “Pamela’s great! She’s been a life saver and has really helped with my migraines!”

Lexy S.

Visceral Problems

     “I have been a patient of Pamela Vaill Carter for many years; she has treated me for many ailments: Muscular pains, injuries, toothache, arthritis, after major op care and chronic digestive problems.”

Caryl S.


     “Pam Vaill Carter is a wonderfully talented and intuitive osteopath, who has helped every member of my family with back pain, posture and other issues. She has worked with my husband with great success after his eye operation to remove a tumour sessions have helped him enormously.”

Floss K.


     General Osteopath Testimonials“I highly recommend Pam for her osteopathic and emphatic talents. She is a joy to visit and we always walk away with less pain and in a far healthier place.”

Floss, James & Harry K

     “Pamela is a brilliant osteopath – she has always been wonderful and I would never go to see anyone else. Personable, professional – I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

Barney J

     “Pamela was recommended to me by another osteopath as I was struggling to lose weight and yet maintain energy levels so that I could run 4 times a week in training for my next marathon. After only 9 weeks on her nutritional regime I’d lost a 1 ½ stone in weight and 17 mins off my marathon time. This was followed by another 1 stone loss and 21 mins off the next marathon 5 months later.”

Ann J.

     “Pamela has magic in her hands and never fails to make me feel better. I cannot recommend her more highly.”

Fiona T.

     “I have been coming to Pamela on and off for many years, she has an exceptional ability to treat and heal the body, her intuition is second to none, I feel so lucky to have found her! My back is very grateful too”.


     “Pamela has magic in her hands and never fails to make me feel better. I cannot recommend her more highly.”

Fiona T.

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