Babies & Children

Osteopathy For Babies & ChildrenBirth is one of the most stressful experiences we will ever experience, and babies’ heads often retain moulding from the pressures exerted in the process.

This can cause the baby to be irritable and unsettled or effect sleep and feeding patterns.

Osteopathy can help to relieve tension in the head and thorax and help the baby to settle.

As a child grows the effects of the retained moulding in the head can contribute to postural, behavioural and other health issues.

Osteopathic treatment for babies and children is gentle, safe and effective.

     “Pamela treated my son after he was born. He had a low appetite and very bad wind, both of which led to him sleeping poorly and crying often. She used gentle cranial osteopathy to get his system working properly and he now sleeps and eats like a dream.”

Tania S.

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