Back & Joint Pain

       “Thanks Pamela!  After your treatment I felt immediate relief from the pain I was suffering in my lower back. Your explanation of what was causing the problem and your advice on how best to stretch and move really helped me to not only get through that long flight to Australia and back, but also I believe has helped set me on the right path to recovery. I am sincerely grateful!”

Greg H.

     “I have had chronic back pain for over 50 years. Pam has been treating me for the past 15 years. They have been the best 15 years. Pam hasn’t just treated me – she has enabled me to manage the problem in a way that I had not managed before. But it is not just my back -she has also treated my infant grandson following a traumatic birth. Meeting Pam has changed my life!”

Nick C.

     “This year I slipped a disc, the NHS suggested possible surgery. Through several weeks of severe pain Pamela treated me with great success, I am indeed very fortunate to have had such wonderful help from Pamela.”

Caryl S.

     “I’ve known Pamela for about 13 years and trust her implicitly and I’m not sure that I’d trust another practitioner as I much as I do her, which is probably why I travel across London to see her.  After suffering a prolapsed disc and trapped sciatic nerve I went to Pamela with crippling nerve pain, after receiving cranial treatment to create some space between my discs and relieve the pressure on my nerve I was able to continue to go to work every day for the next 4 months until I was operated on.  Everyone else I spoke to said osteopathy was too aggressive to deal with such a delicate matter but how wrong they were, I haven’t met anyone else that didn’t have to take time off.”

Ann J.

     “After 10 years of hip pain and being referred from specialist to specialist, I was happy to find that Pamela could actually help me.”

Adeline G.

     “Pamela has been helping me with my osteo-arthritis symptoms for over 3 years now, with cranial and regular osteopathy and pain relief with acupuncture. She has so much knowledge and understanding of how to help daily pain from arthritis and has managed to keep me as pain free as possible.”

Georgina G.

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